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Selling instrumentation, industrial equipment, magnets, low-voltage equipment of NVA, water meters, valves.Pumping equipment.

The total list of products:

Instrumentation, pressure gauges, pressure gauges, explosion-proof

electric contact pressure gauges, the pressure switches,naphrameru, separators membrane thermometers, thermocouples, sensors, relay, water meter, electromagnets , naphrameru, air pressure switches, pressure transmitters, detectors and analyzers

flow meters gauges, sensors, relays, counters, naphrameru, air pressure switches thermocouples, thermometers, temperature controllers, temperature sensor ,pressure sensors,pressure transmitters, MEO, level sensors, temperature sensors.

1. The instrumentation and automation

Sell pressure gauges showing, electric , explosion proof, model, boiler, differential, ammonia , deadweight, train

MTP-100, MP-100, MP3-U, MT-3U, EKM-1U, EKM-2U, EQ-1U, ACMV-1U , MTP-1(2,3,4)M, MTP-1M(O2) MODEL of the MO IN OBM-100, ДМ2005СГ(EX) ДВ2005Сг(Ex) YES-2005Сг(Ex) ДМ2010 SG(all limits), ДМ2005 SG(all limits), ДМ1001, ICC-100(160), MTPS-100, MT-3U, MP3-U, ВП3, the pressure switches DSP-160: DSP-4sg-M1 ;DSP-WHISKER sensor(oxygen, acetylene, argon);DSS-711-M1: Naphrameru , draft gauges, thanapoom DNM-100, TMP-100, DTMP-100( all limits) ,Dinncr-100( all limits)

NMP-100, NRM-52( all limits) TJ, TNG-N( all limits) NSP(rmrc, TNSP)-16СгВ3Т4( all limits) TMP-100, TMP-52: pressure Sensor ,Sensors, pressure switches DD-0.25, DD-1.6; AZD-4Т10, AZD-2,5Т16, MM-106, MM-111Д, MM-125D( all limits) , D-210-11( all limits) Д211( all limits) ,Д231-01 0,2....2,5 kgf/cm2, PG-62-11 ду4мм, Р63кгс/cm2, G-62-21M 5:63кгс/cm2

RKS 1 OM5( all limits) , Д220, 1ОМ5 RD, RD 2 OM5( all limits) ,DEM-102 DEM-202, D-21( all limits) ,RDK-57 60-1200кПа , PFC , RD M5( all limits), PKC-1( all limits) ,RDS 1T

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